• M&F=Management and Finance (i.e discussing diplomacy, sorting out problems with other factions, paying members if they need money, receiving and keeping safe parcels and gifts from allies)
  • P&E=Planning and Engineering (i.e. building ships or bases, making plans for their usage and engaging in battles occasionally)
  • O&I=Operations and Intel (i.e. clearing out pirates, responsible for intelligence about allies, enemies and neutrals, responsible for preventing threats and fixing any ongoing threats. Partially engaging in diplomacy and partially engaging in building ships)

Members who join the operations and Intel department get a Bogatyr Light Fighter at first rank and a Bogatyr Red Raider upon reaching Officer/Bogatyr rank.

Members who join Engineering department get a recruitment package.

Members who join Management & Finance Department get a free Bogatyr Delivery Truck.

Member of Finance and Management Department at rank 4 is 'clerk'. Member of Operations and Intel department at rank 4 is 'minor agent'

Updated Ranking system

Click on image below to open ranking diagram.

Oon rank.png
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