From the crater of corruption, from the dark depths of defeat rises a new order. An order that stands for enlightenment,for peace, for prosperity. 

Bogdan was the lord admiral of the Great Novgorod Republic. After serving for many years in this role, hardened by battle on the battlegrounds of planets and in the halls of the politicians he realised that the council was weak. They grew rich on corruption, cheating smaller companies, removing corporations they did not like. Like a leech, the republic turned into a power-hungry dictatorship run by the once-democratic leader, Markon. Once a proud leader of an organisation fighting for justice, now he and his councillors were not beyond suborning others. Truly they had debauched the moral climate of Novgorod. One had to shut their eyes to the golden trinkets, to the golden walls and the expensive palaces and to gaze over the destruction which had allowed for this excessive splendour. Was it really worth it?

After the economic collapse of the end of the year 3014 of our lord, thousands were thrown into poverty and the nation was on the brink of rebellion. Lord Admiral Bogdan was tasked with the annihalation of any troublemakers and the assertion of order in the republic. Instead, having gathered the few remaining untained councillors and generals, Bogdan left the republic, leaving it to dissolve into a bloody civil war. For he and many beside him believed that from darkness there comes light, and that from war comes peace.

The Order left the planets run by the republic in search of new lands, and new lands they did find. Plentiful planets full of raw resources. Minor companies toiling for general benefit joined up with the Order and soon, the Order has a strong presence in the Aetherion Galaxy. Moreover, in the later part of year 3015 of our lord, the order has established a presence in the Vyzion Galaxy.

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